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Haew Suwat Waterfall from Khao Yai National Park Imagine yourself strolling alongside a stream, accompanied by hundreds of butterflies who flutter around tiny bowls of water carved by nature. You arrive at a beautiful waterfall and take a refreshing swim in the pond at its base. Then, hiking into the forest, you encounter a tall, sinewy tree. After an easy climb up, you realize that the tree is in fact hollow.Strangling Ficus in Khao Yai National Park So you climb back down...on the inside!

This is not a movie; it's what I do with my guests every day!

Thailand's rainforests offer a bewildering array of plant and animal species in a beautiful setting. Whether you're looking to swim under (or behind!) a waterfall, or seek out rare birds, butterflies, or wild orchids (a particular favorite of mine which I am extremely good at locating), my tour is certain to leave you satisfied.

Many of the largest and most interesting forests, such as Khao Yai and Kaeng Krachan, are just a few hours drive from Bangkok. Other forests such as Doi Suthep and Doi Inthanon are very near Chiang Mai. I have guiding experience in all of these locations.

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