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(Click for image of Angkor Ruins at Phanom Rung (Photo: Chris Pirazzi))
The North and North-East of Thailand have a rich set of breathtaking, ancient ruins. These are often located close to National Forests and make very interesting additions to your trip.

Together, we can visit huge outposts of the Khmer empire at Phanom Rung and Phimai (10-13th century, same empire and style as Angkor Wat in Cambodia). Or Sukothai, Thailand's first capital and symbol of the country's "Golden Age" (13-14th century, pictured). Or we can visit Ayuthaya, the capital which (Click for image of Detail of an Angkor Ruin)
wowed every foreign visitor from the 14th-18th century when Thailand extended well into modern-day Laos, Cambodia, and Burma.