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(Click for image of Pig-Tailed Macaque in Khao Yai National Park (Photo: Hermann Jenn))
(Click for image of Some guests and friends in one type of truck we use for day safaris.)
The instant you step into a Thai jungle, you'll be captivated by the sight and sounds of its animal inhabitants. A chief theme in its living, musical backdrop is the morning song of white-handed gibbons; we're likely to spot these forest acrobats swinging gracefully from tree to tree, 20 meters above us. Some animals, like the pig-tailed macaque in the picture, are amazingly sociable and we can easily observe whole families close up. We can find beautiful, endangered elephants by following their trails. And we might catch a rare glimpse of a tiger as well.

In many of these forests, I can take you on day or night safaris from covered or open vehicles, giving you a chance to see these wild animals in their natural habitat without any difficult hiking. Other guests enjoy long camping trips where we can see more species.

Thailand's forests are home to tigers, gibbons, macaques, sambar and barking deer, civets, slow loris, gaur, and hundreds of other fascinating animal species. One of Thailand's largest herds of wild elephants roams Khao Yai National Forest. Take a journey with me and see them for yourself!