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(Click for image of A Street Market in Pak Chong, Thailand (Photo: Hermann Jenn))
I introduce my guests to the real culture of Thailand, and it's like nothing you've ever seen. In Thai cities, orange-clad Buddhist monks walk from golden temples past bustling city streets where neon superstores sell internet access alongside family-run clothes shops, bars, and street vendors offering delicious treats. The sheer contrasts make everyday life in Thailand as interesting as its famous landmarks--it's a place you'll remember for a lifetime.(Click for image of Doi Saket Temple in Chiang Mai (Photo: David Giacalone))

And I will be there with you to explain it all.

In addition to the magestic temples, architecture, and style which have made Thailand so famous, I show my guests what Thailand is like for the Thai person. Whether you're interested in homestays, food, crafts, music, or nightlife, I will skip the made-for-tourist spots and guide you through the real Thai scene.

Many of my guests enjoy visiting a silk village near my hometown, where you can see the whole process from silkworm to weaving and where you will find only local Thais and no other tourists.