Thailand Your Way
Tropical Fruits found in Thailand With my guidance, food will be one of your fondest memories of Thailand. From fruit snacks to delicious meals, I always find something to please guests of every palate.

In Thailand, bananas, pineapple, mango and papaya are divine. Thirsty? How about some juice straight from the coconut, picked and popped open on the spot, for 15 cents! I'll show you how to part the velvety thick red peel to reach the perfectly sweet, pillow-soft white fruit of the mangosteen. Or, if you dare, how to get past the spiky shell and notorious smell to experience the natural sweet-custard texture and flavor of the durian.

From spicy coconut curries to peanutty meat satays and delicious noodle or rice dishes with fresh seafood, I can always find something wonderful for you nomatter where we're traveling. Restaurants aside, you'll be amazed what street vendors offer all hours of the day and night. And don't forget to leave room for some unforgettable desserts, like Thai custard or sweet sticky rice with mango.

Finally, for those times when nostalgia sets in, I can also find you the tastes of home.

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